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We value and encourage personality! - At the same time, we focus on team spirit and believe in the strength of cooperation in cross-functional teams.

At our side in Gütersloh we are the internal service provider for all Bertelsmann Printing Group units within the DACH countries. With the help of our almost 90 employees we provide continuous Business value through automation such as security, reliability and efficiency



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Operations & Security
- Kerstin
The Bertelsmann Group's feedback culture definitively sets my employer apart from other.
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How was your career at BPG-IT?

I joined the BPG Business Unit Campaign in 2006. At that time, IT operations were still small and consisted of three to four people, but that changed relatively quickly. Just like our area of responsibility, the team has grown continuously over the following years and already comprised eight people in 2012. Together we took care of the operation and man-agement of all applications in the company. A highlight for me was the year 2013, when I had the great honour of being promoted to team leader despite my part-time work. I am still very grateful today for this opportunity and the trust that was placed in me back then. In 2015, two IT departments of our business units were merged and renamed Digital Marketing IT. In 2018 we were merged with another IT department and we became BPG-IT. Since then, we have been able to bundle our work better and use it in a more targeted manner, thus supporting and operating an even broader spectrum of database systems, frontends and web applications. I personally have been focusing on change management and process optimization in IT operations since 2017, as we have recognized that these issues often fall by the wayside in everyday life. For optimal and stable processes, however, these areas and tasks are essential and I enjoy getting fully involved.

How does your everyday life look at the moment?

Together with my colleagues, I manage changes to the IT infrastructure and applications and ensure that all applications always meet the highest security standards. I am also in daily con-tact with our customers in order to take up their requirements. Our job is then to optimize the processes and thus accelerate the processes even further. Together with my colleagues in IT Operations, I plan how we can develop and implement the optimizations. All in all, there is a very dynamic environment and you always work together with different colleagues. This may seem a bit difficult at the start, but it also makes the job enormously varied and exciting.

Why do you like working at BPG-IT?

There are many reasons! Working at BPG-IT is a lot of fun for me because I haven’t even been bored in last 12 years. I can always work my way into new requests and of course numerous projects. These are also becoming more dynamic. In recent years, we have therefore increasingly been working according to the Scrum methodology and this is another completely new way of working. All in all, BPG-IT has a very future oriented way of thinking. What is currently in the market? How can we best use new approaches or technologies for ourselves? These questions actually accompany us constantly and show how much we deal with current trends and innovations. The DevOp’s approach also brings us even closer together, our sense of togetherness has become even stronger than it already was. I also greatly appreciate the fact that we can work independently and that this independent work is also actively encouraged. Our workplaces are also very modern, fully equipped and geared to our employees. So mobile working is possible, no matter in which office I sit or from home, if the family requires it. It’s also great that we even have a dart room and fitness room. Not to forget the Bertelsmann Group’s feedback culture, which definitely sets my employer apart from others.

Technology & Development
- Dominik
I have fun developing employee and enjoy coaching our colleagues. My goal is for them to develop quickly, take on responsibilities and thus make our team even stronger.
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How did you come to BPG-IT ?

My start at Bertelsmann was rather untypical. As a dual student, I was employed by an external IT service provider during my Bachelor’s degree at the FHDW and worked for Arvato and Bertelsmann on behalf of the service provider during my practical phase. Towards the end of my studies, I was given the opportunity to move directly to Bertelsmann. It was immediately clear to me that this was a great opportunity and the right decision for me to take. Anyway I wanted to get deeper into the topics. So I started at Bertelsmann in 2009 and also completed my Master’s degree in Business Management. Quite soon after my start, I took over responsibility for the architecture of the data warehouse system of DeutschlandCard, a large multi-partner bonus program from the Bertelsmann Group, and also worked as a subproject manager.

I appreciate very much at BPG-IT that there is the courage to consistently go new ways.

What are you currently doing?

In my role as data engineer, my colleagues and I are currently developing the new data warehouse system for DeutschlandCard as part of a large agile IT project. Our aim is to create a system that will help in the growth of DeutschlandCard in the future. We develop data integration processes in order to extract very large amounts of data quickly from relevant source system, check them qualitatively, transform them appropriately and make them suitable for target systems and users, above all, make them available with high performance. I currently manage an internal and external development team and, in the case of the internal team, also take care of employee development. As Technical Lead for the Data Engineering and Analytics, I am also responsible for creating common platforms and solutions for our digital marketing business units. I am currently supporting our business units in introducing Tableau as a self-service analytics solution. The aim here is to create the prerequisite for specialist users to quickly receive answers to their analytical questions by enabling them to carry out interactive and explorative visual data analyses themselves.

What is BPG-IT for you?

BPG-IT is comparatively young and rather small IT unit in the large Bertelsmann universe. Despite their size, we design, develop and operate solutions for a wide range of different businesses. Therefore, the job is very varied and always offers new challenges and opportunities to quickly assume responsibility. That’s definitely why we never get bored. I always value the fact at the BPG-IT that innovation is a driving factor and at the same time there is the courage to consistently go new ways. State-of-the-art technologies and an agile corporate structure are the results. We have also have an open corporate culture at BPG-IT and you can see immediately that there is a strong will to improve continuously.

When should someone apply at BPG-IT?

You should apply if you enjoy actively shaping things, want to take on responsibility and at the same time are looking for professional and technical challenges.

Project Management & Quality Assurance
- Amol
There are new challenges ecery da, I like it – this is me! The personal factor is excellent and it makes fun to work at BPG-IT.
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Why did you come to BPG-IT?

I came to Germany for my Master in 2014 and did my master program in IT with an IT management focus in Lemgo. At a career fair I talked with people from Bertelsmann und thus got to know about the company, among others the size and diversity of bertelsmann. When looking for a job I searrched at the Bertelsmann career website for job ads as IT analyst or project management. I saw a position at BPG-IT, applied for it and got the job. What convinced me was the truthfulness about what will await me when I accept the offer an the vision and mission oft he company as an internal service provider for marketing business. In my opinion marketing is changing all the times, meaning I always have to adapt to new situations.

My manager helped me a lot, by giving me proper and suitable challenges and guidance when I needed it.

How was your start am BPG-IT?

I started to work for BPG-IT in November 2016. My first week was kind of a set up week, but right away in the second week I had to manage a small migration project. The project management itself wasn’t much difficult, rather my major challenge was doint it in German. As project management is more or less people management, if you manage the people properly, they manage the projcts by themselves. I was a frescher at job initially and definitely needed a pioneer or a guide. My manager helped me a lot, by giving me proper and suitable challenges and guidance when I needed it. I just go to him and ask him, he is always there for questions regardless at what seniority levelt he people are. No I am handling a PMO for a large project, bevor I did the test management fort he same project.

What do you love in your job?

The speciality ist hat I don’t usually handle just one project, but multiple projects at the same time, so I need to shuffle between my tasks to work for all the projects at the same time – this is what I just love! As BPG-IT is an internal service provider fort he Bertelsmann Printing Group business units there is a diversity in the projects – different scopes, different clients, and different tools. Besides there are always new intiatives from the Bertelsmann Corporate Center, e.g. future workplace, beConnect and new technologies like Cloud services, which come up and I can do the project management for such initiatives. Another great thing ist he organization itself and the people at BPG-IT. It is a very supportive environment where I can develop new skills an can use my skills into my everyday work, and also my manager always motivates me and that helps me keep going. Another good thing at BPG-IT ist he very good coordination between thw various BPG-IT departments.

- Niclas
There is a strong team spirit within the BPG-IT. Solidarity is a very high value!
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How did you come to BPG-IT?

In 2012 I started my apprenticeship as an IT specialist for system integration at Mohn Media. During my training I took over various tasks in the area of Microsoft Windows systems and data center support. At the end of my training I joined the "Mohn Media Service Desk" project team. The aim of the project was to establish a Skilled Service Desk for Mohn Media to provide a single point of contact for the employees. With the completion of my apprenticeship in January 2015 I joined the Service Desk team and became responsible for Mobile Device Management and tasks in Client Support (Windows, macOS). In January 2017 I moved to the Datacenter team. Since then I am in charge of SAN, Storage, Backup, Windows Server and MS SQL and occasionally help my colleagues in the areas of Linux, Monitoring and VMware. With the merger of two departments within the BPG in May 2019, I became an employee of BPG-IT. Since then I take on further challenges in the area of cloud technologies.

I like the wide range of duty within the BPG-IT. Therefore I can inherit exactly the tasks I prefer.

How does your everyday life look like?

There is no standardised daily routine for me. Although I have my morning routine, in which I check all my systems, I spend the rest of the day with a wide variety of topics and projects.

What do you like most at BPG-IT?

I really like the relationship among colleagues. Cooperation is really important here and you can see that. I especially like the broad field of topics, which BPG-IT covers, because I can engage myself in exactly these tasks I’m particularly interested in.